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Roger Hill is 59 years old, married 38 years to Christine and has 2 sons, Jim 30 and Sam 28.

He was born in Bermuda to a Bermudian mother and English father, the family immigrated to New Zealand in 1970, a decision based on giving a young family greater opportunities for their future lives.

Roger started enjoying mucking around in boats at a young age, getting into trouble often with his father for leaving the work shop in a mess after building various model boats, aeroplanes etc. Sailing started in Bermuda in dinghies and continued later in NZ after meeting his then young girlfriend and being introduced into the sailing scene in Auckland.

Initial yacht design activity began in secondary school tech drawing projects and continued through first employment in the Architectural field and an introduction that lead to starting at Bruce Farr's office as a newly married 21 year old. Advised at the time by his father that it wouldn't last (who had every heard of working in a yacht design office in Auckland before?) but never the less taking the plunge.

38 years later it is still great to get up in the morning and look fwd to facing the days challenge in the drawing office.

The sailing continues on the 'Townson 35' mostly limited to cruising around the Hauraki Gulf and the Bay of Islands and racing with the RNZ Yacht Squadron on the Farr 12.5m with an enthusiastic team of 'grey heads'!!

Any opportunity to go out on any RHYD produced design is always enthusiastically taken up, power or sail, including trips up to the Islands for winter cruising.

Looking ahead it would be nice to have a 10.5m RHYD sailing cat to spend more time on cruising, hopefully that will happen sometime soon. In the mean time designing boats is a continuing stimulation and will probably remain so for a long time to come.






She is a very strong, seaworthy vessel and I doubt that few have ever been in rougher ocean weather than we have in a similar sized powercat

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