Roger Hill Yacht Design



Builder Arrowcats
Displacement 3,550 kg
Draft 0.40 m
Nominal Length 8.60 m
Length Overall 8.76 m
Length Waterline 6.88 m

Arrowcat 30

High performance with excellent economy

This design started out life as a production boat built in NZ and known at a 'Black Cat 29'.

It is now manufactured in Florida by Arrowcat Marine and has been redeveloped to bring it more into line with present day market requirements.

Based on a well proven planing hull format the structure has been engineered by High Modulus NZ to a performance requirement of 50 knots. The standard engine package of a pair of 175hp 4 strokes delivers a top speed of approx. 43 knots and is very economic in the 20 to 30 knot range.

The standard of workmanship, laminating, fit out, mechanical, and electrical, is very high and easily compliant with the ABYC rules. The builder can offer various options of engines (inboards and outboards) and cabin configurations (enclosed or open backed) and a larger cockpit version, the Arrowcat 32.

Arrowcat now also offer an Arrowcat 42 sedan or flybridge optioned planing powercat with outboards and other drive train options.

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