Roger Hill Yacht Design



Builder Alloy Cats
Displacement 5,100.00 kg
Draft 0.40 m
Nominal Length 9.30 m
Length Overall 9.30 m
Length Waterline 8.00 m

9.3m Commercial Charter Fishing Cat

This planing hull power cat is designed as a day charter fishing vessel for up to 20 passengers.

The cockpit is designed specifically for optimising it’s fishability with no access aft onto the more conventional boarding platform that can create issues with people getting into places where they shouldn’t go!

The bulwark in front of the outboards has an opening door to allow the head of the outboard to come through when it is fully raised, avoiding an added on bracket to the transom.

Performance and economy is outstanding. With a pair of 250 hp outboards a top speed in the region of 45 knots can be achieved and cruising around 25 knots 3L per nautical mile is normal.

If outboards were not required then the design can be modified to suit inboards with shafts or stern drives.

The simple fit out and cockpit toilet permit a ‘hose out’ clean-up operation at the end of the day.

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