Roger Hill Yacht Design



Builder McMullen & Wing
Displacement 23,000.00 kg
Draft 1.18 m
Nominal Length 17.00 m
Length Overall 17.07 m
Length Waterline 16.38 m

17m Passenger Vessel

This is a design specifically for carrying passengers, either as a pure harbour type ferry boat or as a higher end tourism excursion vessel.

Sheltered and inside seating for 60 passengers and up to 80 passengers for fine weather which allows the upper deck to come into play.

Surveyed primarily for sheltered water use, the design can be easily up-graded more exposed coastal conditions. The efficient and sea worthy displacement hull form gives the optimum comfort for the passengers and the minimum fuel cost for the operator.

Seating can be reconfigured easily for alternative corporate entertaining with on board dining, conference work, etc.

Top speed is 26 knots, general operating speed is 18 knots.

The addition of an enclosed upper deck to increase the passenger numbers would be a straight fwd modification.

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