16m Composite Planing Power Cat

16m Composite Planing Power Cat

A good looking and comfortably fast cruising cat

This new planing cat design is a development of the 14.8m composite planing cat. It has been pushed out in length, depth, and height but carries the same or very similar beam to the shorter boat.

Destined for an owner in Australia it will be used for harbour and costal cruising up and down the East coast and be built in survey for charter work in those waters.

Construction is full foam cored composite throughout for a tough and reliable structure, a pair of 600hp electronic controlled engines combined with a pair of composite surface drive units will optimise the top end performance, increase the cruising speed and reduce draft.

The boat will be used for living on board for extended periods so will lack for nothing in terms of comfort and services.

Principal Particulars
LOA 16.486 m
LWL 13.13 m
Displacement 19000 kg
Draft 1.02 m
Drive Type Inboard
Survey MSA
Construction Composite
Design Status Published
Design Number 133
Hull Form Catamaran
Design Type Custom


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